Statement of Mission

Who We Are

Claim of Responsibility

How You Can Help

What to Expect Later

On Author (Collective Clips and Records added on the Reopening of the Site)

+Statement of Mission:

Our mission is to help bring the Coptic youths to a genuine friendship with the Holy Book and help grow that friendship through exploring the wonderful biblical stuff!

+Who we are:

We are Coptic Orthodox , started out this word ministry voluntatrily for the sheer love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for His Holy Book, and for His holy beloved church, hence for the beefit and edification of our fellow Coptic youths through a correct and rich understanding of the Bible, no more!
We offer this humble ministry for the glory of His name and in the interest of our brethren Coptic youths!

For later Addition which is due to substantial change of circumstances,
here you are few telling links to essential info about the author:
On fb, explaining the reason behind the nickname Christopher Mark.
Author's Professional Career.
As a public writer in early age for a most prominent paper.
Ministry credits, mostly taken within the official consecrated period.
A short guiding post before a long break.

+Claim of responsibility:

Although we are very careful to make each and every word in this site comatible with the "genuine" doctrine of our Coptic Orthodox apostolic Church, however, it must be declared that the site has no official stance, and the responsibility of each word herein is OUR OWN!
If you think you have detected any failure from the teaching of the Holy Bible, it is of the HIGHEST importance to let us know:
Send an urgent e-mail at: admin@copticyouth4holybook.net
with the keyword "PRIORITY" in the 'subject' field, and your reservation in the 'body' field..

+How you can help:

You can:

*Pray for the success and growth of the ministry

*Refer the site to your friends

*Send your biblical questions to help enrich the questions&answers page

*Send us your valuable evaluation

*Send us your most valuable biblical contributions

Go hereto know how you send us

+What to expect later:

In God's help, we are working on:

* Separate Arabic Site,

*Servants forum

*Youth biblical forum

*Many more pages to be added to the site

As we are still at the early start,
the site is being updated almost daily,
so do not miss to come by frequently

The ministry is just in its very start,
and the way ahead is long and hard,
but as we have started relying on the Lord,
we appeal to His grace to carry us through!