a Miracle of 2 Millennia

Unprecedented Documentary on the rapturous transfigurations on/from St. Mark metropolitan church of Assiut city, Egypt, through the years 200-2002



Through God's help, in spite of all difficulties, my lack of video processing experience with almost no technical devices at avail to say the least, I presented the distinguished work on the 2000 transfigurations on a CD entitled 'Documentary on a Rapturous Event,' then on a DVD with the intrepid title: 'a Miracle of 2 Millennia.'

Lots of indexes were made at first to make the downloading easy for different people with different purposes and abilities. The indexes thus were over branched. A simple table of links was in need.
Hence, I, hereby, give the simplest list of hyperlinks to the <a href="http://www.copticyouth4holybook.net/drama.htm">Drama Page</a> visitors,,,,,



Open your Eyes and Believe!!

30-Minute Tour within the Light : 1 2 3 4

Hail to Mary!! A Photo Gallery

one more Photo Gallery

I was There


DVD Intro

Full CD of 2000 Transfigurations in a direct single Executable File

2001 Transfigurations CD Demo


Memories& Links in fb note * file Memories of the Making & Links in Winword

Late Clip rendered in 2020

Folder of Everything


Improvised word about the meanings of the transfigurations, in a TV interview



Having the taste of carrying the cross, I then with full pride, sign this work,,,

P. eng.DeaconBasil Lamie,,,,,

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