History under Christian Light

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The Lord God and History:-

Man does not make history, but the Lord, through man, alongside His other creatures, weaves it!

From specific disposal to another, consecutively, according to predestined fully planned design until it reaches its ultimate end..

He who puts history into thorough scrutiny finds out how it is an amazing faithful witness to his Maker, much the way other witnesses, e. g. prophets, scripture, etc do. Let me categorize generally speaking:

+ Human, being the image of God and after the likeness of the Lord, reveals Him and may see Him in himself..

++ Nature, as the product of its Creator, speaks out and up..

+++ History as like, in turn, testifies even better! Orchestrated from event to event and from a divine disposal to another, as it goes on track with prophecies, it portrays the full panorama of Gods purpose.

++++ Scripture, then, not only testifies to the Lord, but it testifies that the aforementioned witnesses bear witness indeed!!!

We are concerned herein with History as a witness to man for the Lord:



Man and History:-

Walking in geography and browsing through history, all testify profoundly that the Lord God does not leave himself without witness at any place and any time..

One walks in the course of history and goes around in Geography, while bearing in himself the third witness: Ones self!

But mundane view of geography distracts them from the Lords purpose in and by hisroty. Alas!

Hang on, and reconsider: There are three dimensions that help measure and specify Gods existence in history:

+ Personal history of the very one with the Lord, i.e. their own experiences with the Lords soothing touches, illuminates the darkness of other points in time..

++ Known general history of mankind tells that everything will be settled in the way destined by the Designer.. Only it waits for thorough reading..

+++ Bible now comes to brief it all. History mentioned in the scripture works like a good teacher who knows how to brief up the lesson and highlights the implications..

Paying attention of only one dimension is yet of good help. Recognizing one dimension leads one close to the meaning and draws attention to the other dimensions..


History between Gods Mouth/Finger and Mans Ear/Eye:-

The relationship between man and history is NOT a deaf-tool/product one!

God does not use man as a mere tool to produce history, but rather like a Teacher with apprentices who interact mentally and sentimentally as well.

Unfortunately, some stand in the wrong side and defend the wrong goal to end up losers.

God will lead history to His purpose, either by the obedient apprentices. He does the same by the stubborn, Pharaoh of Exodus to name one.

By these and those, in this and that, everyone is working to implement the will of the Potter to be glorified in either case!

History remains its tool, language, and the wise remain educated by it discerning the voice of the Lord god within,,,

Now back to the History Main Page of the CY4HB Site, I hope I managed to express part of this meaning by colors and pics!

The background color is almost black, symbolizing the satanic view of history, but having few weak white spots scattered around, as if waiting for full revelation, just to end up by bright white font of the links to the articles. An old wise man shows up from link to another in the page registering with intellect under a weak light of a candle, portraying the right attitude toward opaque history in hope of illuminating its wisdom. Above all, two logo pictures portray the first coming of Christ in history and the Second Advent waited for to accomplish the main purpose of the whole history. I wish this humble design helps readers to recall the meaning,,,,,


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