Interview with Lord Jesus

Have you ever dreamt of meeting Lord Jesus?
Or attending one of the meetings He had with many biblical characters?

If you have such a dream,so you are invited to read on...

You might turn out to be one of the interviewees,
or, at least, find a part of yourself in parts of them.
So, look for yourself in each interview,
and you would find yourself in a vivid meeting with Lord Jesus

About this page!
مقدمة    لقاء مع الرب يسوع
Come and see!  Nathanael تعال و أنظر   نثنائيل
The kingdom of God!  Nicodemus ملكوت الله   نيقوديموس
Give Me a drink!  The Samaritan Woman أعطينى لأشرب   المرأة السامرية
... For She Loved Much  The Repentant Woman لأنها أحبت كثيرا   المرأة التائبة
This is my Son, whom I love  Moses and Elijah هذا هو إبنى الحبيب   موسى و إيليا
Make haste and come down?  Zacchaeus أسرع و إنزل   زكا
As a memorial to her!  The Perfume Pourer تذكارا لها   ساكبة الطيب
Lord, remember me!  The Right Thief أذكرنى يا رب   اللص اليمين
They shall look upon me whom they have pierced Longinos ينظرون لى أنا الذى طعنوه لونجينوس
Why do you weep?  Mary Magdalene لماذا تبكين   مريم المجدلية
My Lord and my God!  Thomas ربى و إلهى   توما
Why do you persecute me?  Paul لماذا تضطهدنى؟   شاول الطرسوسى

Coming later:

A saviour is born!  Shepherds of Bethlehem
Neither do I condemn you!  The woman caught in the act
The Light of the world!  The one born blind
Bear your cross!  Simon of Cyrene
What are you talking about?  Kleopas

And many more

About This Page!

Each article here is narrated by a biblical character who had a meeting with Lord Jesus.
Although the gospels make short accounts of the conversations Jesus ran with the people He met,
which leaves many readers puzzled at some answers or hints that seem irrelevant or out of context,
but patient analysis of the textual, historical, geographical and psychological context helps volumes in getting deeper into the meetings!

Most of the details of the narrations have either a biblical support elsewhere,
authentic church traditions, or historical evidences..
Very little is left for relevant imagination.

To have the full benefit of your reading, please read first the bible passage of each meeting,
then re-read it after you finish the article.