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Patriarchs' Names Tell a Story, even Prophetic one!

What Do Their Names Tell

This tour is too short in terms of text: Only one chapter, Genesis 5. But it is so long in terms of time, as it starts from when God called the first man "Adam", and ends when Noah was born and given his name!

Here is a bible meditation heuristic rule:
Names tell, look up the names. It is always interesting to look up the meanings of the names in bible, and that is what we are going to do in this tour with the names of the pre-flood ten patriarchs mentioned in Genesis 5.

Do the names of the first ten patriarchs, namely: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahlalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah have anything to tell us?

We know from Genesis 4:1,2,25 that Eve gave her sons names that marked associated meanings. We also know from our previous tour that the name of Methusaleh
denoted very improtant event to come on his death.

Parents, in that age, named their sons after prohpecies or promises from God, or to denote something associated with them.

To us, the ten names of the patriarchs "together" will be much more telling than they were individually to their fathrs and mothers.

Let us put the names and their respective meanings in a table and see what they may tell us:

Name Meaning
Adam Man
Seth Appointed
Enosh Death
Kenan Sorrow
Mahlalel The praised God
Jared Coming down
Enoch Teaching
Methuselah Send on His death
Lamech Desperate
Noah Comfort

Do you see it?
Read in order the meanings in red.
Try to link them with due conjunctions and be amazed at the jolting result:

Man was Appointed to Death and Sorrow,
but The praised God will Come down and Teach,
and will Send on His death the Desperate Comfort!

The Holy Spirit painted patiently, tharoughout 1056 years, a miraculous prophetic painting that briefs the core of the whole bible only in the ten names of the pre-flood patriarchs.

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N.B.1: Some names may be rendered as either adjectives, quality or state in some dictionaries.
e.g. Enosh may be interpreted mortal or mortality. Yet the meaning is the same.

N.B.2: The word "enoch" may mean a variety of related meanings:
teaching, disciplined, or dedicated
All these related meanings fit in that amazing prophesy,
Messiah(Christ) means primarily someone anointed as a sign of dedication.
If we consider the probable meaning "disciplined", we again find it a perfect match. (isaiah 53:5)

The source is a non-believer debater who once discussed biblical questions with me. Even non-belivers can work and bring forth feuits. That was in November 2000. I only added the implications, remarks andcomments; and made the verification research.