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The topics covered in this page are ministry-oriented!
The reminicsent problem of word servants when preparing
a ministry on a traditional topic is:

Is there any new point in that topic that can be said?

We try here to provide our fellow servants
with non traditional biblical hits
Of traditional spiritual topics!

If you need urgent brain storming on some topic,
you do not need to wait until that topic shows up here,
as you can e-mail us immediately with the topic,
with the keyword "Ministry" in the subject!

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Thanksgiving, A Surprise
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The Orthodox Calendar: A Grace-Works Integration!


PART I --- A Surprise!!!
have you ever noticed that the Lord's prayer
does not contain any thanksgiving word!!!

Although thanksgiving is one of the main lines of Christian prayers!

Does that mean that Jesus sees thanksgiving not that important?
I guess no, He Himself showed disappointment at those 9 Jews
whom He healed from leprosy because they did not get back to give thanks!

What is it then that He does not put thanksgiving in the Lord's prayer?
Actually, the Lord's prayer has a special stance!
The Lord Himself gave the prayer! and He does not like
to elicit our thanksgiving!

It is because that He gives, but not asks for thanks back!
He grants, because He is gracious, not because we are thankful!

God does not elicit thanksgiving!

what should our reaction to that gentleness be?
let us see how the church reacted!


PART II --- The Lord's prayer itself is a precious gift that deserves all thanksgiving!
The church understood, by the Holy Spirit, this fact!
So the church wraps the Lord's prayer with thanksgiving! when we start it we say:
God, let us pray thankfully and say:
Our father etc,
And we close it by:
In Christ Jesus Our Lord,
Start by explicit words of thanks,
and close it by attributing the whole grace to the Lord!

To be continued!