Coptic Calendar

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                                          التجسّد والميلاد

                                 الظهور الإلهيّ ومعموديّة يوحنّا

                              الصوم الكبير واستعداده (أمشير ويونان)

                                 أسبوع الآلام

                                 القيامة والخمسين

                                 حلول الروح القدس

                                  صوم الرسل والخدمة

                                  دخـول المسيح مصـر


                               نهاية السنة القبطيّة وبدايتها







           This page is not a duplication of Pulpit Ministry page. Unlike that page, that is characterized by a comprehensive chronological order,

          this page comprises a concise index of groups categorized by Coptic calendar head feasts, fasts, and main occasions.


           The articles herein enjoy a tinge of spontaneity taste, as most of them were prepared for FB followers of my account  

          (Christopher Mark), for which I was left only a tight window of time. Almost all of them are written only in Arabic because they were meant for

          Arabic speaking Coptic members of my FB account. I also delivered some of them in liturgy sermons and ‘Virgin Mary Convent’s’ servants

          general meeting, which are delivered therein as improvised as well.


           However spontaneous, I have been always keen to add corrections of mistakes, mythical common as well as sophisticated exegetical—even  

         inherited from patristic stuff, so that throughout a one Coptic ritual year, the group encompasses most of the material that realizes the whole

         purpose of my humble ministry, i.e. ‘original biblical reformative restoration.’ 


           All articles of this page are yet mere drafts. Proof sheet and translation into English are yet pending because of shortage of time.   

         However written hurriedly, they are faithful to the main trait of the whole site of ‘Coptic Youth 4 Holy Book,’

         that is the ‘originality’ and ‘newness’ of ideas and stuff.


          Gathering their hyperlinked index in one page, is, I hope, a fine gift for the readers who appreciate the improvised taste.

         I am quite sure that my friends on FB, especially, will enjoy this page the most.


          As for rendering the interface of the page, I decided upon a photo of 12-yar-old Jesus teaching in the temple.

        The main headlines index of the Coptic calendar could not look warmer around Jesus teaching on the head feast

         of the Biblical ritual calendar.









التَجَسُّد والمِيْلاد وقراءات شهر كيهك


         سيمفونيّة الميلاد (ج1 – حديث الملاك لزكريا)          سيمفونيّة الميلاد (ج2 – حديث الملاك للعذراء)   


         سيمفونيّة الميلاد (ج3 – تسبحة العذراء)                 سيمفونيّة الميلاد (ج4 – تسبحة زكريا)


         سيمفونيّة الميلاد (ج5 – تسبحة الملائكة)                وُلِد لكم.. وفيكم.. ومنكم!

         نبيّ مثلي (مقابلة بين ميلاد المسيح ويوم حوريب)    اكتتابات ميلاد يسوع المسيح القيامة ميلاد                                                                                                                     

        خطاب فوز العذراء     تصحيح شرح رمز العليقة         تعديل الإبصلموديّة الكيهكيّة؟!


         مواضيع مرتبطة:

         عذراويّات       يُوحَـنّا المعمدان       دخول المسيح والعائلة المقدَّسة أرض مصر 









الظهور الإلهيّ ويوحَنّا المَعْمَدان


يُوحَنّا السابق العظيم أمام الربّ    

المعموديّة التي كرز بها يوحنّا                                                                                                

يوحنّا صوت  الصارخ                                                                                                            

صوتُ صارخٍ (تصحيح خطأ شائع)


مواضيع مرتبطة:

 ميلاديّات وقراءات كيهك                                                                                                       







Under Construction

أول رسائل السنة من الكنيسة: رسائل باقة معجزات أناجيل شهر بابة الخدميّة