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تم بذل الجهد الظاهر في إخراج الصفحة
وفي فرصة مناسبة يأذن بها الرب سيتوالى ملؤها بالتسجيلات الصوتيّة
لقد أصاب التلف هارديسك بعد ملئه بعشرات ساعات التسجيل
ما قيّد عرض التسجيلات المتواضعة المطلوبة لوقت
ولكن كلمة الـله ذاتها لا تُقيَّد

  Further to many kind requests from friends,
  I have been working on tens of hours (mout to 70)
  of my humble lectures' and sermons' recordings,
  those that were published in cd's and cassettes few years ago,
  and those to be published first herein.

  Unfortunately, a fatal crash of the harddisk has caused the whole work to get ruined !

  Relying on the Lord's grace, that carries us through,
  I will be back into working upon them after taking a bit of a breath,
  and be done with other few jobs previously adjourned,,,

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                                                                  Deacon Basil, (aka C. Mark)

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Gen 28:12-13


Joh 1:14,3:13